Laying the Groundwork for Success


Getting your first landscaping project started can be daunting. Home owners are often unsure what would be best for their property and the budget they should plan for. We make it easy for you through a collaborative process and a focus on transparency. We start by helping you shape your vision for your property, with consideration for lifestyle, functionality, aesthetics, and property value. Once we understand your vision, we’ll create a practical outline that helps you to make the best decisions for your situation.

A few of the areas we consult on include:

Preliminary project planning and assessment

Home/cottage/business preparation for valuation or sale

Lakefront property development

Developing space for sports (volleyball courts, field flats, hockey rinks, and more)

Subdivision groundwork

A few of our design services include:

In-depth design for our full range of services

Digital landscape drafting

Multi-year design and build planning

Detailed timeline development and budgeting

Beautiful by Design


We will guide you through the planning of objectives, a timeline, and a budget that work for you. This includes developing multi-year plans that break major overhauls down into stages that are more feasible for you and your budget. We’ll coordinate with our network of local partners to arrange any specialized services or materials that your project may require. The end result provides you with line-of-sight to the finished product, making your decision easy.

Bring Your Vision to Life


We use modern equipment selected specifically for larger properties and the techniques required to execute your plan. Communication is key, so we keep you informed at every step and we’re available to answer your questions throughout the process, no surprises here. We take on a diverse range of projects for homes, cottages, hobby farms, parks, businesses, and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact us and let us know what you need.

A few of our build services include:

Provide and plant trees or shrubs, including shelter belts

Drainage and levelling

Underground water or electrical conduits

Provide and place boulders or monuments

Create vegetable gardens, tilling, and provide compost/fertilizer

Create paths

Provide and install firepits

A few of our renovation services include:

Planting or removing trees and shrubs


Update outdated or overgrown landscaping

Fix driveways, sloping, grading, groundwork, or drainage

Your Needs Change, Your Acreage Should Too


Naturally, your needs change over time and you need to renovate more than your house to make sure your property continues to fit your lifestyle. Sandboxes become flower gardens as the kids grow up and dirtbike tracks become walking paths when the kids move out. We’ll redevelop your acreage to help you enjoy your favourite aspects of country living — no matter how they evolve over the years.

Lasting Beauty


Even the best landscapes require upkeep to look their best and continue meeting your needs over time. We deliver a full lineup of maintenance services, so you can leave the work to us and focus on enjoying your property. From clearing out dead trees to reconditioning your driveway, we’ll help keep your acreage in prime condition.

A few of our maintenance services include:

Gravel driveway reconditioning and crowning

Fill and plant grass over sunken parts of the yard

Planting or removing trees and shrubs


Let’s Get Started

Realize the full potential of your home or cottage acreage with the perfect landscape for your needs