Get a Strong Start


Great projects begin with a vision. When you picture your ideal version of your acreage, what do you see? Think about the things you’ll want to do on it and what kind of features will enhance your enjoyment. If you’re not sure what you want from your property, we’ll work with you to understand your lifestyle and help you envision a solution that works for you. Here are a few considerations to help you hit the ground running:

Think about how you and your family want to use your property

  • Providing open spaces for the kids or grandkids to play
  • Hosting friends and family, from small to large gatherings

  • Relaxing in the tranquility of your own garden paradise

  • Enjoying outdoor recreation, like running, biking, volleyball, and more

  • Taking in the beauty of flowers, gardens, trees, and wildlife

Beyond lifestyle needs, consider functional requirements

  • Drainage
  • Yard leveling for ease of mowing

  • Site planning for outbuildings, shops, and garages, including driveway access

  • Shelter from wind and blowing snow

  • Shade requirements

  • Safety — removal of old, unwanted structures and fences

  • Managing or creating elevation changes, including retaining walls

Aesthetic enhancements

  • Increasing curb appeal through plantings, gardens, and rock formations
  • Taking visual cues from your home, the natural spaces around you and your own personal preferences

Consider what’s most important, both from a needs and wants perspective. This will help to sequence or phase your landscape project if you prefer not to develop the entire property at once.

Let’s Get Started

Realize the full potential of your home or cottage acreage with the perfect landscape for your needs