Our Story

We value the unique quality of rural life and understand that the right landscaping can contribute dramatically. Our founder learned through first-hand experience, having grown up on a family farm in the Interlake and has raised his own family here. That’s why we draw inspiration from all corners of the region from the boreal forest to the North, to Eastern and Western lake shores, to mixed prairies in the central region. 

These areas provide an array of options including majestic spruce groves, granite and limestone features, layered wind-sheltering shrubs and deciduous trees, swales and berms, native prairie grasses, and more. We often incorporate these natural features to complement the prairie landscape within your property or create and develop your own.

We live in the communities we serve, taking pride in our work and treating our clients like neighbours. This means a collaborative, transparent approach that focuses on helping you make the right decisions for your property, lifestyle, and budget.

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